Modern, holistic and pragmatic solutions 

Solutions designed to drive impact through the use of modern ways of working, analytics and data

Data & Analytics Diagnostics

Capability Maturity

FractalWorks has developed an evidence-based data and analytics capability diagnostic to identify high impact delivery opportunities

The diagnostic measures capabilities across five key dimensions:

  • Team

  • Impact

  • Management

  • Data

  • Analytic

Our engagement model is to partner with your teams to develop views, continuously share and validate finding.


On completion a final report is presented detailing benchmarked capabilities, detailed improvements and a high level roadmap

Data and Analytics Capability Maturity I

Joule Platform

Low code use case platform

Joule is a low code use case platform designed to deliver business impact at pace by reducing time to design, build, pilot and scale


The platform enables developers with an extensible toolkit to build use cases at pace using out of the box components, an use case definition language, and ability to build custom components

Key features

  • Low code use case development using the Joule DSL

  • Key product integrations (i.e. Kafka, Minio, Mosquitto etc,.)

  • Event processors (i.e. encryption, enrichment, feature engineering etc,.)

  • Flexible deployment model

  • Extendable platform through Joule Java SDK