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Outperforming analytic leaders deliver value through analytic solutions with clear business outcomes. Fractalworks has decades of experience working with enterprise companies delivering high impact data and analytics solutions across capital markets, fintech, telecoms and government


Leverage our evidence-based data and analytics capability diagnostic to identify high impact business and platform opportunities


Having a business-aligned data & analytics strategy that incrementally delivers value is key to build executive and key stakeholder confidence. We can help you build a deliverable vision 

ai & analytics

Most growth businesses are looking to embrace analytics and AI to enter new markets and improve operations. We can help you identify, prioritise and deliver on these objectives


Apply modern data & analytics technology and practices pragmatically and incrementally to establish capability longevity 


Is your organization maximizing the business impact of your data? If not, you are not alone. Many organizations struggle to unlock value, achieve scale, accelerate time to market, and reduce costs through their data journey. Our data diagnostic tool will help you to assess your organization's data approach and identify your strengths and opportunities for growth.

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Pivoting an organisation to be analytically driven can be a significant challenge when the organisation’s data and analytic capabilities are based upon legacy skills and processes.

Read our 
4 Key Steps to Being an Analytics Driven Organisation post to kick start your transformation

be a data-analytics driven organisation

Monetise your data

Put your data to work using value driven analytics. Build a programme of work that incrementally develops analytical capabilities while deliving business impact.


ideation and prioritisation workshops

use case value modelling

design and development leadership

Talk to us about your data and analytics journey about how we can support you
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